The older I get, the more unsure I am when someone asks my age. My brain initially wants to respond that I am 27 years old but I know this doesn’t sound right so “28″ is what comes out followed by “Wait, no, 29.” I am 29 years old. What will happen when I’m 56? Or 74? Just how confused will I be then?
I’m looking forward to turning 30.
It’s a nice big number that hopefully I’ll have an easier time remembering. But a few months ago I read something on Jezebel called, “Your Thirties Are -Do-or-Die,” which sounds far more serious than what I was anticipating to come of the next decade. It made me wonder if maybe I’m approaching my thirties too lightly. Is it really going to be the “hot seat” of awakening for my career, home, and bank account? Yikes. Am I going to disappear into the invisible decade? Where will I go? And how have I not heard of the show thirtysomething? IS NOW THE TIME TO PANIC?
I don’t think so. Panicking in a situation like this (i.e. something that is going to happen whether you damn well like it or not) usually just makes things worse. It’s like drowning. Or those finger traps; freak out and your fingers are trapped for life. But take a breath, push with just the right amount of pressure and your ass is free in no time.
I turn 30 on February 16th which means I have one half of a year left of the decade that was my twenties. I’d like to say that I’m going to live it up but to be honest, I think I’ve done enough “living it up” in the twenty something sense for a lifetime. Over the next six months, I’d rather realize that I’ve learned from my mistakes, leave the past where it belongs and kiss two-day hangovers goodbye forever.
Does this mean that I’ll never dance until 5 am or sneak a pomeranian into a movie in my purse again? Doubtful. And I’m sure I’ll never remember to drink enough water or floss regularly either (Mom, seriously. How are you so good about that?). But I do know I’m a better person for having survived my twenties so if my thirties can keep me sailing in the same direction, bring ‘em on.
What about you? Are you in or beyond your thirties? I’d love to hear what I’m in for.