Hi! This post was meant to run on Friday. However, due to a mild concussion last week I was a little backwards and forgot to hit publish. The good news is, the girls and I had a safe and fabulous weekend in Chicago. The bad news? I didn’t bring any shoes. 

Tomorrow kicks off what is sure to be a long, albeit exciting few weeks of travel for me. First stop is Chicago for my dear friend Katy’s bachelorette party (stop by and check out her new recruiting blog!). For three days, 15 of the most diverse women I know will gather to celebrate this blushing bride and frolic through the windy city. I’m not going to say anything cheesy here – like, “Look out Chicago!” or, “You’ve been warned”…but seriously. Chicago? You’re on notice.

Arriving home Sunday afternoon, I come home with enough time to switch bags and join Beau and his offspring for a few days in LA. Admittedly, neither of us, who both spent time living there, are entirely sure what to do with a 10 year-old in Hollywood but so long as the Beverly Hilton has their pool open, we should be fine. I suggested a crazy night with the boys of West Hollywood but that idea wasn’t a huge hit.

After that, we’re home for a day or so to catch our breath and re-pack then it’s off to England for my Grant’s (long story but more or less my Aunt/Grandmother) 90th Birthday. We’re joining my parents for the trip so I’m looking forward to my Dad’s tour of his old stomping grounds and hearing about his days as a young chap. This is like a bed time story for me….in a pub.

It all sounds just lovely right? Well, yes but the problem is that my packing skills have gone down the crapper. Here’s an example. Upon arriving at our friend’s guest house in Miami earlier this year, Beau and I unpacked our luggage. Here’s a sample what my ‘side; of the room looked like:

Mind you, that was more or less just my carry on plus a few miscellaneous items. That was one trip that I had plenty of time to organize and pack for. And then there’s Beau’s ‘side’ of the room.

I wasn’t always this way, I used to keep things neat and orderly. But somehow I became one of those people that crams everything into a suitcase and then sits on it to zip. While I hate to admit that he’s right, Beau may be onto something with this organization thing. If we’re being completely honest here? My skills are a hot mess.

So, dear readers, tell me – what are your packing tips?