When I came across the spring Pottery Barn catalog last month, I instantly desired every seasonal item featured. Despite thinking of myself as an exception to the rules of most maturing women, I find myself more and more interested in holiday decor as I age. This particular picture really spoke to me. It wasn’t too commercial or pretentious, just a clean and serene Easter scene.

{ Image: Pottery Barn Catalog }

I thought I had found the perfect table setting, until I saw the price of the pitcher alone. Here’s a break down on the cost of creating this Pottery Barn display:

  1. White Ceramic Pitcher – Pottery Barn ($99)
  2. Running Metal Bunny – Pottery Barn ($39)
  3. Ceramic Bunnies – Pottery Barn ($29 each)
  4. Carved Wood Bunnies – Pottery Barn ($39)
  5. Happy Easter Base Vase Filler – Pottery Barn ($19 each)
  6. Cherry Blossom Branch – Pottery Barn ($19)

Total ~ OVER $300

Determined to fulfill my seasonal nesting needs at a significantly lower cost, I decided to challenge myself to recreate look on the cheap. After foraging through countless craft stores, discount stores, and even the dreaded Goodwill (which is a complete lie, I sent Savannah there) I created this:

Not bad, eh? The entire cost of this table setting was less than the price of the Pottery Barn pitcher alone! The books, picture frame, and candles were my own. (I spy a copy of Watership Down? Cheeky.)

Hopefully this inspires you to get creative with your Easter table setting this weekend. Remember, the holidays are about spending time with people we love but there’s no reason not to have a pretty setting to love them in! Small details like fresh cut flowers from the garden and $1 votive candles can have a major impact on your celebration. Plus, your mother-in-law probably looks better in candlelight anyway.

  1. White Ceramic Pitcher – Target ($12.99 ~ on sale!)
  2. Flowers – Walmart (4 at $5.00)
  3. Rabbits – Goodwill (3 at $0.99)
  4. Tray – Goodwill ($4.99)
  5. Candle Stand – Goodwill ($1.99)
  6. Vintage Ceramic Egg from France – Midland Antique Market ($16)
  7. Paper Mache Eggs – Hobby Lobby (12 at 3 for $1.00)
  8. Supplies(Ribbon, Needles, Paint) – Hobby Lobby ($9.49)

Total ~ $72.46

Now go forth, my good people, make the world a prettier place and decorate!

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