As a little girl, my favorite chore was dusting. Why? Because it involved a feather duster – clearly the most elegant of cleaning tools. I simply couldn’t imagine why someone would use something as pretty as a feather to pick up dead skin and dirt. When I¬†spotted this DIY feathered-clutch story in InStyle magazine last month, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see whether or not the feather duster could hold its own outside of the cleaning supply closet.

{ Image: March 2011 InStyle magazine }

While the end product turned out better than I expected, the process was a bit of a mess. First, I had to go to Goodwill to get the purse and that place gives me anxiety. I did however find a great patent leather clutch that was perfect for this little project. It was only $2.99!

Then, I had to cut all of the feathers off of the duster, which gave me guilt.

On top of that, the feathers go EVERYWHERE and get stuck in the – wait for it – thousands of strands of hot glue. You can imagine the complications that arise from said situation. I didn’t actually find that the glue drying too quickly was a problem.

The entire project took about an hour. Because my clutch was a fold over, rather than top closing, I chose to do the underside as well. I’m also not a huge fan of velvet so I used satin ribbon instead.

Despite the guilt, anxiety, and obnoxious tiny strands of glue and the fact that I’m still finding feathers in my home – I think the feather-covered clutch turned out all right, don’t you?