As it turns out, there’s one thing worse than getting an Air Tan applied by a stranger as you stand wearing nothing but a paper thong. That would be getting an Air Tan applied in front of a room full of strangers as you stand in a bikini – and the whole thing is recorded for national television. Silly me.

My friend and owner of Air Tan in Indianapolis, Angela, asked me at the last minute to help her out as a model for a segment on Bob and Tom, the nationally syndicated morning radio show. Always up for an adventure, and never one to say no to a friend, I accepted. I really didn’t give the whole thing much thought, to be honest. All I had to do was wake up early, throw on a bikini, and show up. Beau would even drive. They would first apply an Air Tan to the delightful and oh-so-pasty comedian Tim Cavanagh, and then me. All fun and games…until the blonde walked in.

Tim Cavanagh gets sprayed in the face with Air Tan

My pasty partner Comedian Tim Cavanagh gets an Air Tan (Photo: Bob and Tom)

Unbeknownst to me and the Air Tan crew, the station had scheduled another “model” for the show. One look at her, and I feared I had made a very big mistake. I have no other way to put this other then to tell you, I am just not *that* girl. I’m the girl who takes photos of her cats and writes a blog. What the hell was I doing there with Jenna Jameson’s protege?

Tim Cavanagh and Leslie Bailey show off their new Air Tan lines

Pasty no more! (Photo: Bob and Tom)

It didn’t matter, it was too late to start soul searching. So, I inhaled three brownies and did my best. And guess what? I had fun. I made new friends. I made them laugh. I was me, not the girl on the next plane to Vegas. The one who likes adventures. Takes pictures of her cats. Writes a blog. Makes people laugh.

It’s going to take a lot more than getting an Air Tan on television to change that.

Leslie Bailey shows off her new Air Tan

Still me. (Photo: Bob and Tom)

The episode will air Monday 8/16 on The Bob & Tom TV show which airs at 2am East/11pm West on WGN America! **The show also airs locally in Indianapolis at 11pm on WTTV Channel 4 at 11pm ET**