In honor of Earth Day, I would like to discuss one of my least favorite things in the world – plastic dry cleaning bags. They’re noisy in the car when the windows are down, I trip on them at least twice while carrying them from my car to condo, and one of my cats is always trying to suffocate the other in them. Dangerous things, these dry cleaning bags.

Not to mention they’re horrible for us and the earth. I don’t want to get too educational on you here but consider the following about single-use plastic dry cleaning bags (humor me, it’s Earth Day):

  • They contain perchloroethylene, which has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals, according to the EPA. Oh, and heavy exposure can cause dizziness and confusion. Not good.
  • It can take 400-1ooo years for one of these suckers to biodegrade. The average American lifespan is about 79.
  • It takes tens of millions of barrels of oil to make the world’s plastic bags each year.
  • They kill countless numbers of wildlife and marine animals, and sometimes infants and toddlers through accidental digestion or suffocation. Maybe that cat joke wasn’t so funny.

Thanks to Rachel Zoe, I was recently turned on to The Green Garmento, an eco-friendly, reusable, affordable and simply wonderful dry cleaning bag. It is available in two sizes and three different colors (green, blue and black) and can function as a hamper, a duffel bag, a laundry bag, or a carrying bag.

And get this, if your drycleaners doesn’t sell The Green Garmento, simply send them their information and they’ll send you a free bag of your choosing! (Shipping not included).

Yup, The Green Garmento is brilliant. In fact, it may just become one of my most favorite things in the world.