Despite my best efforts to be as environmentally conscious as my circumstances allow, I drive everywhere.

Someone stole my bike last year.

That actually doesn’t have anything to do with my point, because even if it hadn’t been – I would still drive everywhere. That was just my lame attempt at an excuse. I drive because I’m lazy, it’s easier, and that just makes sense to me but the thing is, my driving isn’t doing anyone any good. I’m wasting gas, putting harmful chemicals in the air, and ensuring my “winter coat” sticks as securely as possible to my ass. What my ass needs to do, is get to walking.

Tonight, one of my girlfriends had a jewelry party. Summoned by the sun, which I’ve seen seldom of in the last 6 months I decided to take full advantage of it and walk, and not drive, to her condo. I packed my purse like I was going to spend the afternoon on an African safari. Comfy boots, check. Sunglasses, check.  Water bottle, check. Phone charged, check. I mean, the girl lives in the same zip code, I’m not sure exactly what I thought was going to happen.

As I walked along one way streets the wrong way, my brain was screaming at me that something was amiss. I reassured myself that if we (myself and I) lived in New York, we would rest assured be walking a helluva further than this. I began negotiating with myself with thoughts like, “This means you’ve burned enough calories for two glasses of wine” and playing games like “What would Carrie Bradshaw do?” What felt like miles later, I finally arrived at the party in one piece and perspiring only so slightly.

While enjoying my second glass of wine I realized the walk served more purpose than helping the environment and preserving my vanity. I ran into a neighbor that I hadn’t seen in ages. I noticed the name of a building had changed. I got my vitamin D in. I said hello to a stranger. Once home, I got on Mapquest and searched the distance between the locations and found I had walked the grand total of………..less than one mile, .91 miles to be exact. So maybe, I need to reconsider the whole walking thing. Because in the end, it was worth every step and maybe even a few more.