Before you make that stupid joke about being a quitter – don’t. I’m referring to the first running of REHAB+ SUNDAYS at the new Palms Beach at Bella Vita.

In the wee hours of last Sunday morning (that’s 11 am in Lesalina time), J Rae, the blonde and I packed our bags and ventured to what I consider comparable to northern Canada, or Geist, as you may know it.

We were some of the first people there, not usually my style but I’m glad we were because wasn’t long before the place was packed. As the brand new wading pool filled, so did the deck. The girls and I set up camp with several friends on some lounge chairs. There were some beds (more to come I hear) and cabanas available but personally, I haven’t quite grasped the concept of spending the day under a Cabana. Then again, I was the only girl with a six-pack (of Corona) and a lawn chair in the pool. But if dark and mysterious is your thing, they’re available.

Truth be known, before I left the house I thought to myself, “Self, 11 am on a Sunday in Canada? This party better be good.”  I’m here to tell you Rehab did not disappoint. The beer was cold, the people were pretty, and the DJ put up with me requesting “Ignition Remix” every half hour even though he told me he didn’t have it. To top it off, I got a half hour massage by a girl in a Miller Lite bikini. What more could I ask for?

I’m clearly a little late writing this because tomorrow is Rehab Sunday again and you can bet I’ll be there, drinking until it looks like Vegas. Lucky for my liver, if it’s a party like last Sunday was, it shouldn’t take long.

So I’m going back to Rehab. I highly recommend you do too.